Our Mojo

Welcome to hiking mojo!

There is nothing like wandering and exploring new places, or simply reconnecting with a favorite place that feels like home in our hearts. For us, hiking brings a little magic into our lives...a little mojo! We thrive on the opportunity to get lost in nature and let go of everything for a little while in order to truly connect with the earth and ourselves. 

We are here to help you discover some new hiking destinations and bring some of the world's epic splendor into your home, office, or favorite space. We invite you to browse through our fine art galleries and read our blog articles for some great hiking tips!

So, who are we anyways? My name is Kristin, and I am the founder and owner of hiking mojo. Like many working parents, for many years I devoted most of my time to my kids, my career, and to completing my education. I didn't carve out any time for myself or for exercise, always leaning on the excuse that I was just too busy. I finally became very frustrated with myself and my sedentary lifestyle, and that's when I began walking.

In the beginning, I walked on a school track near my home. I eventually worked up to running, even participating in 5k and 10k runs. Within a couple of years, I decided to run in a half-marathon race and began training for my run. That's when it happened. At first my knee just began aching after a run or workout, but eventually it became a constant pain that interrupted my everyday life. I took some time off from working out to attend physical therapy, and I felt super disappointed in myself for coming so far only to hit a wall due to an injury.

After a few months of very little physical activity while trying to heal, I decided if I couldn't run, at least I could get out and walk. In order to protect my knee from the impact of a hard surface, I began walking on dirt trails at a local nature park. Walking through those woods, I felt a stronger connection to the earth than ever before, and a newfound love and passion for something was born inside of me. I took that energy and combined it with my love for photography, and that is how hiking mojo was born!

I am so fortunate to have found an amazing partner in everything -- someone who supports my dreams, loves to hike, and who carries a significant amount of equipment for me on the trail. He's the other half of hiking mojo's "we", and my trusty trail assistant, Jeremy! We live in Kansas and love experiencing the beauty our state has to offer, and we jump at any opportunity to explore hiking destinations in other states. Everything we discover and learn will be shared through hiking mojo!

That's our story!

We are excited to share our hiking mojo with you! If you have any questions, or if you'd like to share a favorite hiking spot with us, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

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